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Don Parker and Bill Whitehouse get a push at Ostend in August 1950. Photo courtesy Maurice van den Brempt

Alan Brown (Beart Cooper) and Eric Brandon (Cooper Mk VII) hold hands. Bertie Bradnack watches on. Crystal Palace Opening Meeting May 1953.

Photo courtesy of the Klemantaski Collection www.klemcoll.com

Mike Gilbert at Prescott in 1960. The car is a Cooper Mk V, with a modified nose for which he paid 145. The radical new helmet with the side pieces on cost a fiver and the ex-RAF goggles were half a crown.

Chris "Ginger" Fergusson at Grand Central circuit near Johannesburg in 1954. Photo courtesy Rob Young.


Phil Hill tries Richard Frank's Cooper for size at Monterey 2006. Photo courtesy of Karol Andrews.


Chris Featherstone in Emeryson thumb.jpg (6749 bytes)Chris Featherstone lifts a wheel in the Emeryson.

Cooper in ice racing trim.

Photo courtesy of Reijo Heurlin

Moss rolls his Cooper at Castle Combe in October 1953 during the Formula Libre race. He was struck by Rolt's Connaught at Quarry and retired to Bristol Infirmary....

Cooper Mk V Sept 52

A lovely shot of a Mk V Cooper at Brands Hatch in September 1952. Photo courtesy of Nick Coe.

Santa Barbara '55

A paddock scene from Santa Barbara in 1955. Courtesy of Doug Stokes.

Roy Mayne at Blandford in 1956. Photo A. Hollister.

Moss and Russell

Moss and Russell with their winners garlands, 1954. Photo courtesy of John Furlong.

Crystal Palace May 55 Thumb.jpg (5872 bytes)The start of the BRSCC 500 race at Crystal Palace in May 1955.

Test at BrandsTest Day at Brands Hatch, Stuart Lewis-Evans in discussion with John Furlong. Brother Adrian to the right. Photo courtesy of John Furlong.


Cooper Exhibition

A Brace of Coopers at the International Sports Car Show.

Cooper Streamliner victory

Racing drivers always get the pretty girl! The Cooper streamlined car.

Pip PulliblankEvelyn Kindersley "Pip" Pulliblank in his Marwyn JAP with the rear bodywork removed. Photo Courtesy of Irene Pulliblank.

Rosklde RingForming the grid at Roskildering, Denmark, in 1958.

Brands December 54 from Druids exit.jpg (52505 bytes)Streaming through the new Druids hairpin in December 1954. Photo by Ian Frost.


Crystal Palace start 1954The start at Crystal Palace in 1954. Photo by Ian Frost.


Cooper LeaningYou don't get this with modern racing! A Cooper at the limit.

Starting Grid at Brands Sept 50 Thumb.jpg (6509 bytes)

The starting grid at Brands Hatch, September 1950. In the early days, cars raced anti- clockwise.

Ron Searsles at Crystal Palace 1954Driver here is Ron Searles on 2/08/1954. Ron worked at Coopers at the time. Ron set World Records and was a founder driving instructor for the Cooper Training School.

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