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Basil Beall in his BB Half Pint, based on an Austin seven chassis with front mounted engine, driving the rear axle. As a result, the driver sits quite high as can be seen in the photos. The front axle appears to be Fiat Topolino. Basil owned the fastest car in South Africa and was a major force in National races in his supercharged ERA R3A. He loved racing and he and his brother supported all forms from track events to hillclimbs and all classes from the potent ERA to the experimental half-pint. Basil always raced in the blacked and white hoped rugby jersey of Hilton School. Hilton and old Natal school gave their colours to the Natal rugby team and in fact today's Natal Sharks wear black.

In the 1950 Burman hill climb.

Words and photos courtesy Rob Young.

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