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Sid Clayton’s 500 had its early outings late in 1952 at Rob Roy and Templestowe hillclimbs in Victoria, Australia. Known as the Clayton Scott, it used a water cooled Scott two-stroke twin and Scott three-speed gearbox in a chassis based on a pair of Singer 9 chassis rails, with beam axles at both ends. Suspension was by quarter- elliptic springs and friction shock-absorbers. Wheels were 19- inch Singer and brakes were Singer at the front and Royal Enfield at the rear.

By around 1956 Clayton had converted the car to run a 500cc BSA single and Fiat 500 15-inch wheels. Sid sold the car in 1957 and, after a series of owners it was, sadly, scrapped around 10 years later.

From Motor Manual, 1953:

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