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Jakob Lauer's very early kleinstrennwagen from 1948 which he based on the remains of a scrap DKW. The body body was home made and went through several iterations and the wheels were hand drilled to save weight. Jakob registered his car for the road simply because he didn't have a trailer. Jakob achieved a third place at Kōlner Kurs on 30th May 1948, second at Karlsruhe on 11th July and fourth at Grenzlandring on 19th September 1948 making him on of the most consistent finishers in that first year. He appears at the Hockenheim in May 1949 but fails to finish and Nürburgring in May where he takes third and that is the last we have for him or his car.

If anyone has any more details or photos of this car, please get in touch.

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