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Robert Nellemann's first car was one of the first Danish 'Midget' cars to be built and the first to fit into the eventual 500cc F3 regulations, was the car built by the quartet of Anton Christensen, Egon Nielsen, H. B. Sebuhr and Ingemann Sulstrup.

The car had a ladder frame chassis of unknown origin, while both the front and rear axles were rigid. An air-cooled 500cc BSA Gold Star powered the vehicle, which Nellemann took to victory in the inaugural Danish Midget event at Hem Odde in May 1947. A couple of wins followed, but as soon as Kaj Hansen's home-built car emerged on the tracks Nellemann was relegated to the runner-up position. As motor racing was temporarily banned in Denmark in 1948 the car was not raced again, as Nellemann instead used his new Silver Bird.

Our thanks to Anders Bonde and Morten Alstrup for the text and Vagn Nielsen for the pictures.

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