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Built by Norman Pugh as his first car, running regularly in 1950. Like so many other cars (JBS, Emeryson, Trimax and Flather's Blue Flash) it debuted at the Goodwood Easter Meeting, 10th April, where the programme tells us it was red. It retired, but a week later was at the opening of Brands Hatch. The car began the season with a Scott engine, but whether this failed to survive the Brands Hatch meeting or like others Pugh realised it was not suitable, by the time of the Goodwood Whit Monday Meeting (27th May), he had installed a JAP motor. No specific results have been found, but he entered about a dozen events at Goodwood, Brands Hatch and Silverstone, the last being 14th October Brands Hatch.

Below is the only confirmed image we have found of the car, here at Silverstone, 10th June 1950. It appears to be very professionally built with high quality bodywork, Topolino-style front suspension and what would appear to be a swing axle rear suspension. It would not be surprising if this car had begun, or continued, under a different name.

Whilst the chassis may not have survived, Norman had contracted the Formula III bug, he would buy a Cooper for 1951 and continue into 1952 with a new Cooper Mk VI chassis, competing regularly and joining up with debutant Rod Nuckey to run as Ecurie Puckey. Norman would also drop a JAP Twin into his car and run in the Formula II category.

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