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PRA Badge.jpeg (7373 bytes)Preston Racing Automobiles by C. Preston of Wolverhampton. Built in 1953, it was unusual in being front engined with shaft drive to the rear wheels. The engine was Norton and suspension by wishbones and coil springs at the front with de Dion at the rear. Wire wheels were used and the car resembles a pre-war Mercedes. The P.R.A. was well engineered but too heavy and this, coupled with the power losses from the drive shafts and the high seating for the driver, meant that it could never be competitive by 1953. Only one P.R.A. is known to have been constructed and this is currently in the Black Country Living Museum.

As reviewed (rather optimistically) by Motor Sport in March 1953.

PRA Front shot.jpeg (22318 bytes)

PRA Cockpit shot.jpeg (17462 bytes)

As first reviewed in Iota

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