Andrew Goodfellow

Andrew Goodfellow, a Scot, started his racing career at Charterhall in 1955, driving a Jaguar SS followed by various XKs.

In 1957 he acquired a Cooper Mk IX Norton. Some of his notable results include a third at Mallory Park on the 10th June, followed by a fourth in his heat on the 22nd, again at Mallory. On the 30th Andy was second at Charterhall to Peter Proctor but failed to finish the Lewis-Evans Trophy at Brands the following week and at Charterhall on 1st September. He then took a break for family reasons but reappeared in 1959 for a second at Bo'ness in July

He returned to racing in '63 in Formula Junior with a Lola Mk II which was followed by a Cooper T56.

Andrew passed away in April 2009.










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