Peter Page

Peter Page was one of the first customers of the newly formed Cooper Car Company when he ordered one of the first batch of twelve Cooper Mk IIs. He failed to set a time at the Brighton Speed Trials in September of 1948 and finished ninth at the British Grand Prix meeting on 2nd October. At Dunholme Lodge later in the month Peter achieved a respectable fourth to the sister cars of Moss, Dryden and Coldham to close the season. In 1949, he finished 15th at the Grand Prix meeting, fifth in the All-comers race and sixth in the Production Car race at Silverstone in July, followed by 11th in the 50 Mile Race in August. Later the same month at Blandford Peter was third in his heat but failed to finish in the final. At Goodwood on 17th September, he finished ninth to close the season. For 1950, he failed to finish at Goodwood then achieved 10th in his heat for the Royal Silverstone meeting but could only manage 21st in the final. This would appear to be the end of Peter's 500 career.

Practice for the British Grand Prix, Silverstone, 14th May 1949.  Peter finished 15th. Silverstone experts will recognise a rare shot of the Club Corner chicane, used only in 1949. Image provided by Michael Aikey.

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