All that's fit to fettle...
*NEW* Provisional 2019 Circuit Calendar - 10Dec2018

Information about next year's circuit racing opportunities can be found HERE.

Curborough and Prescott Speed reports posted and new activities in the Want/For Sale section - 12Oct2018

Interested in learning more about hillclimbing? Ever seen *THREE* JAP twins together? Check out the Curborough and Prescott race reports. It's also worth mentioning that some new things have popped up on the Wanted/For Sale page of late...

Harewood Speed and Snetterton Circuit reports posted - 25Sept2018

Nothing like a little rain to make racing a 500 all that much more interesting on HILLS and CIRCUITS.

Mallory #2 and Zandvoort reports posted - 20Sept2018

Read all about the tremendous action HERE and HERE.

Annual General Meeting and Prize Giving - 11Sept2018

500 OWNERS ASSOCIATION 2018 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING AND PRIZE GIVING: Saturday 17th NOVEMBER 2018 at Wroxall Abbey Hotel, Birmingham Road, Wroxall, Warwickshire. CV35 7NB 01926 484470

Coffee at 10:00, Meeting commences at 11:00, Lunch at 1:00, Prize giving and entertainment at 14:00, Pre dinner drinks at 19:30, Dinner at 20:00. Click (HERE) for more details and registration forms.

*UPDATED* - Snetterton Entry List Available - 11Sept2018

Attached is the race entry update which shows a great improvement with 13 entries, although this still leave us 2 entries short of breaking even on the race, so if you can enter, please let me know by return.
As of today, we only have 10 confirmed entries for the second race. Although the VSCC are providing this race at a greatly reduced price, the 10 entries at £80 per entry still do not cover our costs, so unless we get more entries, the second race will not eventuate, but I will confirm that by the end of this week.
Please remember to contact Simon Hewes if you want to attend the Jennifer Hewes party at Troston Hall at 7pm on Saturday 22nd September, the evening before Sunday’s race at Snetterton.
Robin Shackleton has investigated hiring a minibus to transport party goers to and from the party, but unfortunately the cost was too high, so its up to us all to sort out our own arrangements.

Shelsley reports posted - 18Jul2018

Shelsley provides more weather entertainment. Read all about both days HERE and HERE.

*ALERT* Scam attempt detected! - 17Aug2018

Heads up! A club member was recently contacted by someone purporting to be "Tom Brown of USA", in response to a Want Ad for a Cooper T52 magnesium hubcap on this website. The scammer was apparently "scrapping the complete Cooper T52" and was willing to sell any part from it...just make a list. LOL! Luckily, the scam was deduced before any damage was done. Let's be careful out there...

Zandvoort Entry List Available - 14Aug2018

Latest is that we have received 20 entries so far (Updated entry summary). Thanks to all for coming out! Also updated is the confirmed BBQ list. Please check and make sure we have you down correctly.

Betty Haig Biography - 23Jul2018

Following four years of research, Roger Farmer is publishing a 265 page biography of Betty Haig with over 200 illustrations. The book has an ISBN of 1789260191 and if you look for this number on Google you will find it retailing at £45, however he is offering it to our club members at £35 inclusive of postage for UK residents. If you'd like to support his efforts to catalogue the life of this extraordinary woman, please contact him directly at 01366 347417. He is also curious if anyone knows the whereabouts of the car shown on the page above. Betty at the Brighton Speed Trials on 2nd Sept 1950 with her 993cc Cooper Chassis No.: 10/38/50 Engine No.: 50860/1.

Gelleråsen results posted - 20Jun2018

Congratulations to our Swedish bretheren on their recent showing at the Gelleråsen Motorbana in Karlskoga, Sweden. Looks like Peter Kumlin led the parade of Effyh-JAPs to victory, with Peter Pettersson's ex-Hakan Sandberg RJ500 completing both races. For those of you who don't know, the RJ500 holds a special place in your webmaster's heart, as it was constructed in period in Norway!

Mallory Circuit and Gurston Speed reports posted - 19Jun2018

Write-ups are now available for the recent Mallory Park circuit and Gurston speed events.

Prescott report posted - 5Jun2018

Monsoons and 500s? Shirley you must be joking?! Read about the recent Prescott Speed Event.

Oulton report posted - 29May2018

John Furlong chimes in with all the action at Oulton Park.

Wiscombe and Curborough reports posted - 23May2018

Short write-ups are now available for the recent Wiscombe Park and Curborough speed events.

Gurston report posted - 3Mar2018

A short write-up is now available for the recent Gurston speed event.

Circuit Race Pack and Entry Forms Available - 20Mar2018

The 2018 Circuit Race pack and entry forms can now be found HERE. You can also access the individual forms on the Circuits page (link to left).

Wiscombe Regs and Entry Forms Available - 28Feb2018

A .zip file containing the regulations and entry forms for the club's Wiscombe event can now be found HERE.

Change to Fire Extinguisher Regs - 26Jan2018

The MSA have recently issued a notice clarifying the requirements for fire extinguishers to be serviced once every 24 months. In the 2018 Blue Book they have shown this starting on 1st January 2019, but this is incorrect, the regulations came into force on 1st January 2018. The servicing requirement only affects RACE meetings; all other fire extinguisher regulations remain unchanged. Click HERE to read more about this very important announcement.

*Updated* 2018 Circuit and Speed Events Calendars and Regs Published - 16Jan2018

The 2018 Circuit Race Calendar and Regs have been finalized. So have the 2018 Speed Events Calendar and Regs. Check'em out! A combined-at-a-glance calendar of all events is also available under Where/When.

*Updated* 500s at Goodwood Revival 2019 - 5Jan2018

Adding Word Doc version of CV HERE. It was announced at the Annual General Meeting that the 500s have once again been invited to join the fray at the Goodwood Revival. And although the event won't take place until September 2019, the Club has released a form to be completed by all those interested in participating. Please complete a 2019 Goodwood CV at your earliest convenience.

Race reports posted - 19Oct2017

A Curborough speed event report, a second Prescott speed event report, and the updated Speed Event Championship Points Table. Congratulations to the winners!

Race reports posted - 17Oct2017

After another brief hiatus whilst we unpacked boxes from the relo, lots of updates, including: two new cars listed for sale, a Gurston speed event report, a circuit report from the Circuit des Ramparts, Angouleme event, a Prescott speed event report, and circuit results from Castle Combe. And make sure to scroll through the Facebook feed to the right for more great 500 action.

It's ALIVE!!! - 30Aug2017

After a brief hiatus whilst we relocated web headquarters to California, lots of updates, including: a 500 trailer for sale, an updated Speed Championship Points Table, an updated Speed Championship Points Table, a Shelsley Walsh speed event report, another Shelsley Walsh speed event report, a Chateau Impney speed event report, Cadwell Park circuit race results, a Mallory Park circuit race report, and lastly, please don't forget to 'Save the Date' for the 2017 AGM 11th November at the Wroxall Abbey Hotel.

Oulton Park Videos and Results Posted - 23June2017

Some footage from qualifying and the race at a soggy Oulton Park this weekend. Visit the Club YouTube Channel via the image below to view. The race report with pictures can now be found HERE!

Prescott and Harewood Speed Results - 9June2017

Results, report, and pictures now available for the Prescott and Harewood Speed Events HERE and HERE.

Curborough Speed Results - 28May2017

Results, report, and pictures now available for the Curborough Speed Event HERE.

Wiscombe Park Results - 16May2017

Results, report, and pictures now available for the Wiscombe Park Speed Event HERE.

Prescott Noise Announcement - 25Apr2017

The organizers of the Prescott hill climb have revised their noise regulation check rules for this year. CLICK for the full story.

Championship Points Updated - 24Apr2017

The Circuit and Speed Championship Points Tables have both been updated to reflect all of this weekend's activity. Congratulations to our winners!

Silverstone Race Report - 22Apr2017

Race results and a full report for the first Circuit outing of the season can now be found HERE. Be patient...loading time for the report may be a little slow due to the large number of pictures included. Thanks to Robin Shackleton for detailing all the action.

Angoulême Announcement - 18Apr2017

The organisation of the above event has been changed along with a number of important elements, although some clarification is still awaited from the organisers. The main changes to date are as follows: 1) Our race name has been changed to PLATEAU Stirling MOSS - RACER 500; 2) The entry fee is now e250; 3) The organisers require a compulsory photo of the car in the current condition, and if the car has history, a period picture of the car and its history; 4) There will be a cocktail reception which will be chargeable; 5) The revised registration forms will be available soon, so please DO NOT used the entry form in the 2017 race pack that was posted two you recently. More information as it becomes available.

2017 Circuit Race Pack - 9Apr2017

The 2017 Circuit Race Pack is now available, containing general information about the 2017 Circuit season, supplemental regs, and entry forms for all events. Please take a look and register for all events as soon as possible!


Xavier Kingsland placed a wanted ad for IOTA magazines and last week received an email, from George Ward of Grimsby, offering a number of IOTA magazines but also seeking help in disposing of a JAP engine and a quantity of speedway spares. Several emails were exchanged and contact details and phone numbers were also given, all appearing credible . Money was transferred by Xavier to a bank account for the magazines and because of the help and advise that was given, George asked that £10 of the purchase price be transferred to club funds as a thank you for the help!! The magazines have not appeared and email and phone messages have not been answered. A Google search this morning has discovered that George Ward is a scammer and several other, mainly bikers, have also been scammed. BEWARE when responding to an email offer to meet a wanted request, and check as to the bona fide of the person offering the goods - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

What is Vnuk and what does it mean for you? - 16Mar2017

Please read the attached article that could affect us all. We need people to at least drop a line to our MP's and show some protest over this.

Llys-y-Fran Regs and Entry Forms Available - 10Mar2017

Swansea MC has regs and entry forms available for anyone wanting to enter their Lys-y-Fran hill climbs on either May 14 or July 16. Click HERE to access.

Wiscombe Regs and Entry Forms Available - 24Feb2017

A .zip file containing the regulations and entry forms for the club's Wiscombe event can now be found HERE.

Speed Events Update - 20Feb2017

Event entries are now open for the club’s Speed Championship rounds including: BARC Yorkshire (Harewood) – on line. BARC Midlands (Curborough) – download form from website. Midlands AC (Shelsley & Curborough) – on line. Bugatti OC (Prescott) – Regs only, pending entries. Longton & DMC (3 Sisters) – on line. Hagley & DMC (Loton) – download form from website. Go to the Hills/Speed page for more information.

2017 Regulations Available - 20Feb2017

The MSA has approved our 2017 Sporting and Technical regulations. They can be found HERE.

Mike Doodeman gets a 500 - 17Feb2017

Mike Doodeman is at it again! He's actually acquired a Dutch 500, this time. Quite the barn find. Read all about The Larkens HERE.

500 Owners’ Association to exhibit at Race Retro 2017 - 6Feb2017

For the 3rd successive year, the Club will be exhibiting at the Stoneleigh Race Retro show on Fri 24, Sat 25 and Sun 26 February. Final details are being sorted at the moment, however it is expected that 3 cars will be exhibited on stand 535 in Hall 2. Club members are invited to come along and talk of ‘all matters 500’. More information can be found on THIS FLYER and at:

Cooper Lunch - Special Guest - 5Feb2017

Hopefully, Fred Griffiths will be attending the Cooper Lunch ... he was one of the chaps who helped build the first Cooper 500 in 1946. Fred's experiences of those early days at Cooper is bound to be of great interest to 500 OA members that own or have a particular interest in early Cooper 500's. Please contact Peter Jackson if you want to attend the lunch on Sunday 2nd April.

500s in Print - 5Jan2017

Two new fantastic 500 books have come to our attention, courtesy of publishing and 500 enthusiast Carsten Frimodt. One specifically on 500s, the other on the Roskilde Ring. Both contain a wealth of information and pictures of 500s racing in period. Note: both books are written in Danish, but the pictures alone are worth the price of admission!

Happy New Year! - 1Jan2017

Two new items in the Wanted/Sale section. And, Pete Stowe's write up on Ivor Bueb is now online HERE, in case you missed it in the August 500 Magazine.

New 500 video - 28Dec2016

Mike Doodeman is at it again! His latest masterpiece can be found HERE. Check it out for tremendous Castle Combe and Prescott footage.

2017 Circuit Calendar Announced - 30Nov2016

Tentative dates and locations have been announced for the upcoming 2017 season. Take a look HERE. Note: all dates are provisional until entry forms are available.