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Guide to Fuel Systems for 500cc racing cars and Preparing a 500cc car for Circuit Racing by Charlie Smith - Contact Roy Hunt for details.

A Simple Explanation of the National Unsupercharged Formula by A.C.H. Harding, Secretary of the Technical Panel, published April 1947.

"Motorsport" Clippings Compilation 1945 to 1949 - Edited by Richard Hodges March 2015

Amal Type 27 Carburettor

The Norton Clutch    An article by Derek Wyborn published in Iota December 1953.

Racing Plugs    by I.K. Gough

Racing Plugs Comparative Chart   giving equivalent references for manufacturers race plugs.

JAP 4B & 84S A Guide to maintenance and Overhaul.

The "Double Knocker" Norton by Francis Beart

Servicing the Manx reprinted from Motor Cycling April 1957


"The 500" is the official magazine of the 500 Owners Association. It is published annually and packed with features, including:

Race, Hillclimb & Sprint Reports, Technical Articles, Historic Articles, News of Members, Letters and Comment, Cars and parts for sale.

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Iota Mag Cover.jpg

The Iota magazine was started by the 500 Club in 1947 and lasted until 1953 when it was merged with "Motor Racing".

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Formula III Racing In North America by Harry C Reynolds. Pretty much the definitive work by the key man of the time.

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Bodywork Optional but Desirable by Colin Rawlinson published in 2010 by Iota publications. Covers period and post period competition with appendices for name drivers and many of the cars with a foreword by Bernie Ecclestone.

CAN May Book Cover.jpg (78422 bytes)

Formula 3 A Record of 500cc Racing by C.A.N May. Written by an insider and published in 1951, covers the early years in considerable detail. Austen May began competing during the 30s in trials using various cars including a string of M.G.s. He was very involved with 500s in the early years and competed regularly in a Cooper. Out of print.

Gregor Grant Book.jpg (137197 bytes)500cc Racing by Gregor Grant, the editor of Autosport. Published in 1950. A good book on the early years of 500cc racing. Out of print but available from specialists.


Formula-500-Unique Cover.jpg (18356 bytes)Formula 500 from Unique Books. A compilation of period articles. Available from most specialist shops.


Yearbook 1952 Cover.jpg (28593 bytes)

500cc Motor Racing Year Book 1952 by Roy Pearl and Robert Blackburn. The Half Litre Car Club's annual. Out of print.

Yearbook 5354 Cover.jpg (24209 bytes)

Formula III Yearbook 1953-1954 by Roy Pearl and Douglas Armstrong. The Half Litre Car Club's annual. Out of print.

The Cooper Years Cover.jpg (52430 bytes)The Cooper Years compiled by Trevor Alder and published by Transport Source Books in 1999. A compilation of magazine articles covering most of the marques cars.


The Racing Coopers Cover.jpg (57857 bytes)The Racing Coopers by Arthur Owen. Published by Cassell in 1959. Arthur was closely involved with Cooper Cars and drove in a number of the record attempts. Out of print.


Jim Russell Book cover Thumbnail.JPG (16669 bytes)

The Jim Russell Story by Norman Greenway, published by Transport Bookman in 1999. The story of the multiple Formula 3 Champion and founder of the racing racing school.

Backfire Cover.jpg (45481 bytes)

BACkfire by Peter Stowe, tells the story of the Bristol Aeroplane Company MC including CAPA who were so influential in the origins of 500cc competition. E-mail petestowe@talktalk.net

Cooper Cars by Doug Nye. The most comprehensive coverage of the Cooper marque written by a respected author. Racers-500 Cover.jpg (16635 bytes)L'Epopee Francaise des Racer 500 by Francois Jolly. The definitive history of 500cc racing in France. Published by Editions Palmier in 1999.

Freik The Private Life of the Freikaiserwagen by Rob and Hugh Dunsterville, published by the Midland Automobile Club. One of the finest pre-war Shelsley Specials, built by David Fry and Hugh Dunsterville with assistance from Dick Caesar, reincarnated post war as a 500.

Colins Book

The 500cc Racing Car by Colin Rawlinson. Published in 2003 by Shire Publications, gives a good introduction. Available at good specialist shops.

Nordisk F3 Midget by Carsten Frimodt. The history of Denmark and the Nordic region's first real race cars takes its beginnings shortly after World War II at the Roskilde Ring, Falkenberg Skrea, and Karlskoga Gellerasen, in the period 1946-62. The Nordic speed kings include Danish Robert Nelleman, Sven Andersson and Finnish Curt Lincoln and many more. The running in time where the word safety was paramount and helmets were made of leather or cork! Available from Veterania.dk. Note: text in Danish

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